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Furniture and decoration: 8 out of 10 French people buy 2 to 6 pieces of second-hand furniture per year.

Nearly 8 out of 10 French people buy second-hand furniture according to the results of a PollFish survey carried out by

The French are in favour of second hand

With the crisis and purchasing power at half mast, people are naturally moving towards second-hand products. The second-hand market is booming: in 3 years time, it is expected to reach 50 billion euros, a trend that will become more pronounced as the purchasing power of households will be impacted by the economic crisis.The furniture and decoration market is no exception to the rule… “At Site-annonce, we wanted to identify the trends and decipher the behaviour of buyers of designer furniture, vintage furniture or trendy decorative objects,” explains Vincent Vandegans, “The study reveals in particular that 79% of French people buy between 2 and 6 pieces of second-hand furniture per year”.

79% of second-hand furniture buyers are motivated by price

Nearly 8 out of 10 French people (79%) who buy second-hand are motivated by the price, but there is now also an “anti-waste” desire that motivates this eco-responsible purchase: nearly 1 out of 2 (49.4%) of our compatriots have adopted this approach to preserve the environment. In addition, the second-hand market represents a gain in purchasing power that also gives them access to new furniture and decorative objects (43% of purchases).This is undoubtedly why the general condition of the furniture is the first criterion of choice (48.4%), well ahead of the price (36.8%), while distance from the seller is not considered a problem (only 6.60% of respondents consider it to be a primary concern).

The budget for a second-hand piece of furniture ? 1 200 to 3 000 euros per year

Digital has become the most popular sales channel for buying second-hand furniture and decorative objects: 87.6% of French people use it, including 74.8% via online classified ad sites such as leboncoin (45.71%), eBay (16.07%) and Emmaus (14.07%). In any case, even when it comes to online sales, buyers do not hesitate to invest in second-hand furniture and decorative objects: they spend an average of 1,200 to 3,000 euros per year, and 2% of buyers go as far as to pay 10,000 euros.

A change in behaviour that is destined to last

Following covid-19, more than half of the French (52.8%) have changed their buying habits to second-hand furniture, and 52% are thinking of buying more in the future (52%), although 40% are also undecided about the future. We created with one objective: to help people find second-hand products more easily because today the market is fragmented between many players (leboncoin, eBay, marché.fr, paruvendu, etc.),” says Vincent Vandegans.Our search engine helps them find what they need quickly, thanks in particular to very fast and accurate email alerts, as well as very easy-to-use filters. »

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